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Sommarturné 2024

29 Juni – Engelen, Gamla Stan, Stockholm
5-6 Juli – Sala Putte i Parken
6 Juli Pub Anchor Stockholm
11 Juli Rock ”n”Roll Tältet Luleå
12 Juli Rock ”n”Roll Tältet Luleå
13 juli Rock ”n”Roll Tältet Luleå
19 Juli Kalix Sommar kalas
20 Juli Över Kalix Marknad Bränna berget
24 Juli Piteå Dansar å ler, Nostalgi Tältet
25 Juli Piteå Dansar å ler, Nostalgi Tältet
26 Juli Piteå Dansar å ler, Nostalgi Tältet
27 Juli Piteå Dansar å ler, Nostalgi Tältet
4 August Terassen Nynäshamn
9 Augusti Spiltan Upplands Väsby
10 Augusti Spiltan Upplands Väsby

New release!

My new EP Ivory Keys is out now every where!
It’s a bit of a summer chill check it out here.

Dear Friends!

It is high time to get this train rolling. Got some great news for you!!! On June 4th 2021 my new album ”These Are The Times” was released on CD and vinyl, you can buy it in my webshop or listen to it on Spotify, Itunes and Youtube. It marks a new chapter in my life. And I am just very happy to be here and still being able to feel passionate about writing new music.

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STEFAN BERGGREN, one of Sweden’s finest Rock voices, released his new solo album “These Are The Times” LP, CD & digital, via his own label GRANDJAM PRODUCTION on June 4th, 2021!

Reviews & ratings


“Another classy blues rock based album from Stefan, with a few interesting musical twists and turns along the way. ”
Jason Ritchie


“A Continuously entertaining album!”
Sweden Rock Magazine


“Spending 46 minutes with Stefan & his band has been a truly enjoyable and rewarding experience!”
Power Play Magazine UK

Stefan Berggren – ‘These Are The Times’ (GrandJam Production – Good-time bluesy hard rock; well worth a listen)

Classic Rock magazine uk

‘These Are The Times’ is a delightful album filled with great songs and all are perfectly played and delivered with style and panache. Stefan Berggren is another of those remarkable singers that you know but most probably did not realise that you did know him, have a listen to this and get to know him a little better.

With ‘These Are The Times’ being his second solo release and a most excellent classic rock album it is too.


Classic Rock magazine uk

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