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These are the times

01 Wild Flowers 04:30
02 All Or Nothing 4:21
03 Burning Burning (The Last Band On Earth) 5:02
04 Little Angel 3:36
05 Superman 4:23
06 These Are the Times 5:40
07 Happy (Shine Your Love Light On Me) 5:00
08 Lost At Sea 4:46
09 New York 3:03
10 Blue Skies 5:36

The Band

Stefan Berggren – Vocals, Bvs Guitars, Organ, Piano & Moog. Bass Songs 9 & 10.
Johannes Nordell – Drums & BV.
Tomas Thorberg – Bass & BV.

Special musical guests are

Don Airey – Organ & Moog Song 1 Wild Flowers.
Stephen Bentley Klein – String Arr. Songs 8 & 9.
Joakim Svalberg – Organ & Piano Songs 4-7.


Recorded in Grandjam Studios Stockholm by Stefan Berggren.
Mixed By Stefan Berggren.
Producer Stefan Berggren.
Pete Lyman Infrasonic Sound Nashville Mastering Song 1.
Ryan Smith Sterling Sound Mastering Nashville Songs 2-6.
Claes Persson CRP Mastering Stockholm Songs 7-10.

Photos: Johan Bergmark.
Art Designer: John the fisherman design.

The sun has gone hazy

1. Walk Tall 5:29
Lyrics & Music: Stefan Berggren, Lee Kerslake

2. Super Sonic Dreem 4:18
Lyrics & Music: Stefan Berggren, Lee Kerslake

3. My my 6:0
Lyrics & Music: Stefan Berggren, Lee Kerslake

4. The Sun Has Gone Hazy 5:05
Lyrics & Music: Stefan Berggren, Lee Kerslake

5. Free 4:19
Lyrics & Music: Stefan Berggren, Lee Kerslake

6. Fools Asleep 4:13
Lyrics & Music: Stefan Berggren, Lee Kerslake

7. As Time Goes By 5:18
Lyrics & Music: Stefan Berggren, Lee Kerslake

8. Rock´n´Roll Gangsta 5:20
Lyrics & Music: Stefan Berggren, Lee Kerslake

9. Back On The Road Again 5:58
Lyrics & Music: Stefan Berggren, Lee Kerslake

10. Born Again 4:55
Lyrics & Music: Stefan Berggren, Lee Kerslake

Stefan Berggren – Vocals, Guitar, Organ Piano Moog, Strings Rhodes Piano & Tambourine
Lee Kerslake – Drums, Vocals, Strings, Mellotron & Chimes
Tomas Thorberg – Bass

Special musical guests are

Joakim Svalberg – Organ & Moog (on the songs As time goes by & Rock`n`Roll Gangsta)


Swedish singer, guitarist & keyboard player STEFAN BERGGREN (M3-Classic Whitesnake, The Company of Snakes, Razorback, Snakes In Paradise & Revolution Road) met legendary UK drummer LEE KERSLAKE (OZZY, Uriah Heep) for the first time 2005 in Friedrichshafen in Southern Germany when Berggren performed with M3 and Kerslake with Uriah Heep.

A couple of years later they ended up in Zürich (Switzerland) and did some more shows. This time together in the same band, but not under the flag BKB yet.

In 2011 Kerslake phoned Berggren and asked if he could do to do an acoustic show with him in Helsinki (Finland). Both musicians at the time were looking for a new challenge and BERGGREN KERSLAKE BAND was born.

Tomas Thorberg, a Snakes In Paradise/Michael Schenker/John Norum gunslinger, was asked to take over the bass guitar. Berggren also brought in another long time friend called Joakim Svalberg (Opeth, Yngwie Malmsteen) as guest who played some fantastic organ & Moog solos.

Drums, Bass, some guitars and rough vocals were recorded live at Boo studio. The rest of the recordings took place at Berggren’s studios Stockholm. Lennart Östlund (ABBA, Led Zeppelin) handled the final mixes and mastering of the album at the PolarStudio except the song “Walk Tall” which was mixed by Berggren and mastered by Pete Lyman (Rival Sons)

Stranger in a strangeland

1. Sands Of Time 4.01min
2. Coming Home 3.26 min
3. Ain`t Got No Woman 3.24min
4. Keef Song 2.41min
5. Long Gone Down The Road 6.02min
6. Stranger In A Strangeland 4.02 min
7. Depression 5.16min
8. Life Goes On 5.10min
9. Do What You Do 4.03min
10. Bye Bye Baby 5min

Special musical guests are

Stephen Bentley Klein – String arr & Trumpet (Deep Purple) Songs 1 & 10
Neil Murray – Bass (Black Sabbath, Whitesnake, Brian May) Song 1
Bernie Marsden – Guitar (Whitesnake) Songs 2 & 5
Tomas Pomma Thorberg – Bass (Snakes In Paradise)
Sebastian Sippola – Drums (FourSticks, Plankton)
Marcus Jidell – Guitar (Avatarium)
Joakim Svalberg – Organ & Moog (Opeth)
Lars Karlsson – Guitar (Diamond Dogs)
Hux Nettermalm – Drums
Sami Kariluoma – Drums

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