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Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist & Producer

Stefan Berggren has worked as a singer with well-known bands and artists such as Uriah Heep, Snakes in Paradise, M3 – Classic Whitesnake, The Company of Snakes, Manfred Mann, Bernie Marsden, had bands together with the recently deceased Lee Kerslake, Berggren Kerslake Band “The Sun Has Gone Hazy “, as well as the Don Airey Band. Berggren has released a solo album before (“Stranger in a Strangeland”, 2016).

Now he is ready to go out on the roads with his own, hand-picked band, Hopefully!? starting in the autumn of 2021. The aforementioned Don Airey, the keyboard legend from Deep Purple, guest stars here on the song “Wild Flowers”.

A preview of Stefan Berggren’s upcoming solo album “These are the times”, which was released on Grandjam Records on June 4 “The song is about feeling outside society,” says Stefan. “You try to find your place in life. Right now in Corona times, you go as a musician in the times of waiting for something to happen, whatever. Frustrating. You are not allowed to work. The only thing you can do is write new music. It will be doomsday rock with prophecy. It feels like the world is ruled by a select few and has planted this virus to access our freedom. Which is Rock “n” Roll.

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